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Have You Ever Received a Gift Card?

While we’ve been enjoying low mortgage rates for a long period of time, the most recent rate environment has been so unbelievably low that I would look at this opportunity the same way as a gift card. These low rates won’t last forever and the low rates coupled with the low prices in the real estate market make this the perfect time to think about cashing in that gift card! Don’t let it sit in a drawer for some later date only to realize that you, or someone you know, has missed a potential opportunity.

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Debt Downgrade and Mortgage Rates – Now What?

It is not often that one can look at an event occurring in the news and say “We’ve just experienced history”. Recently, that is exactly what happened. The U.S. debt was downgraded by one of the bond rating agencies, S&P (Standard & Poor’s) and the way that the world views the United States as the world’s bastion of safe investments will never be the same . . . or will it?

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